blufoo is a movement of people who want to break the market power of todays’s largest monopoly in the information technology industry.

They cause great damage to our democracies, our societies, to our personal relationships, but also to each of us individually. They have brought us good things like cloud services, “social” networks, maps, marketplaces etc. But they do not meet their social responsibility. Their one-sided focus on maximizing shareholder value leeds to negative side-effects which nobody wants like filter bubbles or the wide spread of fake news.

blufoo supports people, communities, movements or companies working on a better life for all people by offering IT services and tools offline and online.

If you’re a hacker, programmer, editor, designer, free thinker or whatever could help blufoo to reach its goal you’re invited to join our movement!

Contact us via hello@blufoo.com

What do you spend your time with?
Are you satisfied with it?
What is important in your life?

blufoo sees the potential in both individuals and society to develop an appreciative and sustainable relationship. A relationship between the people with whom we are connected, but also with our entire environment. Not only in view of current social and climatic developments, obligations are derived; But there also open up new perspectives.

blufoo stands for these new perspectives: for added value, for more happiness, more mindfulness, more togetherness and more sustainability.

We will not save the world with organic eggs, electric cars or green electricity alone. However, if we question ourselves and at the same time support others in building a safe, ecologically sustainable existence, we can achieve a change towards a good life for everyone.

The blufoo community believes that for a good life you don’t have to accumulate a lot of possessions or go faster, further and higher. Quality of life means much more good and healthy food, an awareness of the wealth and beauty of our immediate surroundings, as well as supportive and trusting relationships with others. “Being” instead of “Having”. For us, happiness means sharing time, love, joy.

There are already a lot of other movements, NGOs and even companies following other ways: They plant trees, donate or otherwise work for a world based on solidarity. They do not strive for more and more profit, but instead focus on people, the common good and the planet. And this is the path we are going too – because people and movements of the future are transparent and democratic. They belong to the employees, act ecologically, sustainably and in the interests of humanity. blufoo offers an orientation for a conscious and fulfilled life – for the Buen Vivir!

You can be part of this movement! Take part in blufoo, or support us by using the future blufoo services and products!

Let’s make our world a better place together!

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