Recently I moved back to Regensburg and would like to set up a meeting for exchanging ideas, inventing and bringing ideas to life in the area of technology, web, sustainability, mobility, etc. 

I would like to implement new projects together with other people – possibly setting up a  room to think about, invent, try out, build or program prototypes, teaching and learning, to start products or services

Just get in touch and we’ll meet for a coffee or tea in town. 

The following are important to me: diversity, respect, openness, ecologic and economic sustainability – in accordance Noisebridge’s motto “Be excellent to each other”. 


Themes: Programming, mechatronics, electronics, Unity 3D, Unreal, VR, PHP, Web, Golang, C ++, Pascal. Javascript, Arduino, Raspberry, 3D printing, soldering, workshops, laser cutters, drones, artificial intelligence, mobility etc.