Hello world!

So today I say “Hello world” with this first blog entry after registering the blufoo business in Leipzig, Germany.

In the world of hackers “Hello world” is the output of a very simple program which demonstrates the basic syntax of a programming language like C++, Golang, or Java. The purpose of such a small program is to give the programmer a simple piece of code which produces this message, and the programmer can learn how to use this language.

My name is Daniel and I am a programmer beside other things. I started programming years ago at school. My first programming language was Basic, followed by Pascal and Delphi. Today I like to do things with Golang. Some time ago I had the idea to start a social and environmentally sustainable business, because I was searching for more sensible kind of work compared to the things I did the years before.

The aim of the new business is to contribute to the movement of social businesses who create an alternative to the economic system we usually grew up with. You may get some ideas about what I think about when you have a look at Economy – a possible economy the common good – or more general speaking the Buen Vivir – good life for all.

blufoo will make social and environmentally sustainable businesses and initiatives more visible for the average people, and support them in various aspects of everyday life. I will publish more details about blufoo’s business in future blog entries.

If you want to get in contact or contribute somehow don’t hesitate to contact me at hello@blufoo.com

All the best!

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