Hello world!

In the world of hackers “Hello world” is the output of a very simple program you create while learning a new programming language like C++, Golang, or Java.

My name is Daniel and I am a hacker. My first programming language was Basic, followed by Pascal and Delphi. Today I like to do things with PHP and Golang. Some time ago I had the idea to start a social and environmentally sustainable business, because I was searching for more sensible kind of work compared to the things I did the years before.

The aim of the new business is to contribute to the movement of social businesses who create an alternative to the economic system we usually grew up with. You may get some ideas about what I think about when you have a look at Economy for the Common Good, the Purpose Economy or general speaking the Buen Vivir – good life for all.

All the best!

More links about “Buen Vivir” (in German):