Where does my money go?

As customer I put my trust in a company to deliver products or services for me, If the products or services do not meet my requirements, I can cancel or send the products back. Or I can find out beforehand how others rate the products or services.

But what else happens when you buy a product or service? Money wents from me to the company. As a customer, I don’t just have no influence over what happens to this money. In most cases, I just don’t know.

Money that we spend is not gone afterwards. It still has influence on the world. And we should always consider who we are giving more “power” to in all of our decisions where we put our money in the hands of others. Because the recipients can use the money to make good or bad things. Money can pursue the selfish goals of the recipient, or it can work for the benefit of all and nature.

The company, its owners or investors could use it to support projects I wouldn’t. For example, the company could be a subsidiary of a company that builds coal-fired power plants. Or the owners could use it to invest in technologies that further exploit the environment. Or the profits will be distributed to shareholders who will finance their next ship cruises.

blufoo is designed to create a company that you can trust to be as fair, social and environmentally friendly as possible. So to let this trust grow, I see it as indispensable to create full transparency about blufoo’s finances. I hope this is possible within the scope of the existing laws (e.g. data protection).

We will see.