Where does your money go?

What happens when you buy a product or book a service? Money is transferred from you to the company. And usually after the transaction you don’t have any influence nor you even know what happens to this money.

The money you spend is not gone. One part goes to the suppliers, to the employees to landlords, and to the owners and the stakeholders of the company. And there your money generates new influence to the world: The recipients of your money can strengthen or weaken other third parties. They can support movements, they can influence politicians, they can invest in other companies, they can book a flight to the Maledives or plant a tree.

I think we should take care about the possible further influence of our money as far as it is possible for us. Spending money means giving “power” to someone else. Because the recipients can use the money to make good or bad things – whatever you think this is. Money can pursue the selfish goals of the recipient, or it can work for the benefit of the commons.

The company, its owners or investors could use it to support projects I personally wouldn’t. For example, the company could be a subsidiary of a company that builds coal-fired power plants. Or the owners could use it to invest in technologies that further exploit the environment. Or the profits could go to initiatives supporting local communities.

With blufoo I want to create a movement into which people can trust. A movement that is fair, social and environmentally friendly. If you want to get in touch and build a social and cooperative movement, redirecting money flows away from the “old” economy and pour it into the new waves of a better living for all, please don’t hestitate to contact me!

All the best!